ACU explains the power of page-turners

The magic may have worn off the possum, maybe you less dislike than loathe green eggs and ham – it does not matter. If you have little kids, read those two, or whatever they like, again. And again. New  research based on Longitudinal Studies of Australian Youth data by Ameneh Shahaeian (Australian Catholic U, Brisbane)  and colleagues explains why. Reading to two and three year olds is, “associated with children’s academic achievement directly and indirectly through receptive vocabulary and early academic skills.” Which is good – what is great is that lower SES parents’ reading to their kids can compensate for the absence of other, expensive enrichment opportunities.

And the impact endures; with a link to NAPLAN, reading, writing, spelling and grammar, plus (go figure) maths skills when children who were read to as toddlers are six to eight.


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