ACPET goes big on optimism

With Labor using TAFE as a synonym for training the for-profit lobby is preparing to get back into the policy game.

Private providers are lower cost and increasingly popular according to Troy Williams, new chief executive of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training. Mr Williams says ACPET commissioned research, to be released in the new year, shows, “it costs government $1,400 per student trained by independent VET providers, and $4,400 per student trained by the public VET sector”.

“This difference demonstrates the efficiency of value the independent sector returns from public investment.”

Mr Williams adds, student numbers at private higher education providers are up 10 per cent since 2014. “This suggests that students, and their employers, are increasingly seeking quality alternative and highly specialised higher education outcomes through the independent sector.”

ACPET’s election-year message is “the independent sector,” “offers a quality solution that’s more cost-effective and nimble to meet the changing needs of students and our growing economy,” he says.


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