Achieving undergraduates: four Australians win global award

Four Australians have won their categories in the Irish based Undergraduate Awards, which select research papers by students from universities across the world.

Robert Sarich from ANU won the business category for his paper, ““Solving social problems with social marketing: using a process-driven approach to develop a solution to Australia’s blood shortage,” written for a social marketing unit. Kathy Liu, also from ANU is the law winner for “Moral emotions and restorative justice: A legal-psychological analysis of the role of shame and guilt in the restorative justice process in offender rehabilitation.” Brandon Zubek from ANU was shortlisted for a paper on emotional intelligence and job performance.

Phillip Karpati from the University of Sydney took the award for chemistry and pharmaceutical science, for “Selenium-Mediated Peptide Ligations at Proline-Proline Junctions.”

Melanie Hechenberger from Monash University won in classics/archaeology for “The Origin of Writing in Egypt: Administrative or Ceremonial?”


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