Academy of Science backs bipartisan research on Murray-Darling

The Academy of Science says the independent scientific report on fish deaths on the Lower Darling River, commissioned by Agriculture Minister David Littleproud is “a welcome contribution to the growing evidence base to help inform action to improve the health of Australia’s rivers.”

This is in contrast to Mr Littleproud suggesting last week that a report on the subject, commissioned from the Academy by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, “seems to have done the Labor Party’s bidding.”

Chair of the Academy’s expert panel Craig Moritz (ANU) says “while the terms of reference for the government panel, and hence the scope of findings and recommendations are narrower, within the common scope there is good agreement across the two reports.”

Peak lobby Science and Technology Australia’s, Emma Johnston (UNSW) also commended “the bipartisan quest for scientific evidence and expert recommendations to inform decisions for the future of the Murray-Darling, and calls for swift action to address this significant threat to important ecosystems.”


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