A shuffle at La Trobe U

There’s management musical-chairs

Last October Natalie MacDonald was in, with La Trobe U’s VP Strategy and Development picking up responsibility for digital transformation (CMM October 21). Now Ms MacDonald is out, having left the university.  And her portfolio is no more, with functions re-allocated in line with the COVID-19 recovery plan.

Big winners appear to be Mark Smith (now chief financial and ops officer) who will pick up units from Strategy and the as yet to be appointed, ED Transformation. This will “support efficiency and coordination of resources and effort,” VC John Dewar tell staff.

Jess Vanderlelie, DVC (Students) also has more to do, taking on student accommodation, which will, “align it with other student-facing functions.”

This is all subject to adoption of a workplace change proposal, which probably will not be opposed, what with only one staffer losing their job and they will be offered “alternative options.”