A research assistant AI: GPT 4 is so last month

One of the more creative aspects of AIs they make things up – there’s tech to avoid that – and that’s just for starters

Tim Cahill (Research Strategies Australia) tells CMM, of a case where an AI tech created references to articles in journals by authors he knows, with “titles completely plausible and on point” –  but which are fictions (CMM February 13).

They presumably would not appear in a search by scite_, “1.2bn citation statements extracted and analysed from over 33m full-text articles.”

“See what experts are saying about virtually any topic,” was the pitch.

Which sounded impressive, until this week, when scite_ announced “assistant”, “ask simple questions and get reliable answers from the full-text of millions of research articles,” and “effectively use information from research articles to support your research tasks’ are parts of the new pitch.