A new dispute at Curtin U

After losing a staff vote on savings management might have hoped that at least arguing with the union was over for a while – it’s not

The National Tertiary Education Union takes issue with management stating after the vote that it will proceed with “a programme of voluntary redundancies.”

This has long been management’s position (CMM September 2 and 21) but the union responds that the university has not, “considered and responded to the feedback on the proposal provided by affected staff and the NTEU,” which is contrary to the enterprise agreement which requires consultation on change.

And when this dispute is settled negotiating the next enterprise agreement will be on the horizon. Curtin U is just about the first university in the enterprise bargaining round that begins next year – its existing deal expires in June. So, planning for bargaining should be starting soon.

Curtin U is remembered for the agreement before last which was celebrated for its generosity and set a substantial base for all to follow. With Edith Cowan U and CQU, Curtin U paid staff rises of 4 per cent per annum for four years. Not going to happen next time.