A natural selection at  Charles Darwin U: depends who you ask

Management at CDU have made staff an offer the union says they should refuse

The proposed enterprise agreement includes 4 per cent pay rise on staff agreeing, followed by 2 per cent in October ’23 and then in’24, plus leave improvements and a signing bonus (max $500).

To which National Tertiary Education Union branch president Darius Pfitzner responds that management’s proposal means “staff at risk of continued redundancies … it’s pretty obvious why management only wants to talk about money with so many rights and conditions under attack.”

That the union does not want to lose this vote is also obvious – a repeat of its recent defeat at Southern Cross U, where the workforce narrowly voted for management’s prop, against NTEU opposition might encourage other management’s now negotiating (CMM November 7) to go it alone.

The union’s national president, Alison Barnes was in Darwin campaigning against the offer last week, (CMM November 8)