A delay for some as Murdoch U advances on-line

 Kylie Readman has a bold plan for digital teaching at Murdoch –part of it is just going to take a little longer

The DVC E wants less in-person classes and more flexible learning, starting next year.

“The feedback from students has been clear – they have enjoyed having the flexibility of engaging with the subject matter at a time of their choosing and have a preference to maintain some face-to-face contact for tutorials and labs, allowing them to maintain academic and social connections,  she says (CMM October 9).

But now, Professor Readman tells staff, there are “amendments, based on your feedback.”  “It is clear that for some disciplines, courses and units, there are concerns about being ready to move to this approach to learning and teaching in time for the start of Semester One next year.”

What isn’t changing is a ceiling of 100 people in a venue and priority on moving large and first semester units on-line for first semester, with all to follow for the start of 2022.

And staff with courses ready to make the change can also go ahead.

But, people who to make a change to timetabled activities have until November. “I am confident this extended timeline will give you more time to adapt to the new model,” Professor Readman says.