A deal at Edith Cowan U

Management and union reach a muss-less, fuss-less agreement

Insiders told CMM last week that a new enterprise bargaining deal was all but done at Edith Cowan U. And so it is. DVC Arshad Omari and NTEU branch secretary Ute Mueller tell staff they have reached an “in-principle settlement” including “a fair and reasonable increases in pay and superannuation.” The last on the record pay offer from management was $1400 payments for all staff next January and in January 2021, plus two increases, of 1.5 per cent and 1.6 per cent. Fixed term staff are to have management superannuation payments increased by 8 per cent to meet that paid to permanent staff. Could the NTEU extract more? Perhaps, but this week, but after the big loss to Murdoch U in the Fair Work Commission the union needed a quick deal in the west.