A break at Monash U

The university provides staff with relief in “yet another full year of the unexpected”

On-going and fixed term staff in Australia have paid “recharge days” on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28th September – making a five-day weekend (Friday 24th is the Grand Final public holiday in Victoria).

The university also extends carers’ leave from one to two days for the remainder of the semester, “to assist with primary caring arrangements and remote learning for school children.” It’s available from accrued sick leave.

“We all need to work at thinking about how we are all coping and be more careful and kind to others and ourselves,” Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner tells staff.

And the academic promotion schedule is amended to give people more time to prepare.

The Monash U move follows RMIT announcing five extra leave days to be taken before December 17 and a university wide “slow-down” this week (CMM August 18).