Super-solar CRC powers up in new project round

The feds announced (very quietly) CRC Projects Round Seven on Friday

CRC Ps are funded for three years to address a particular industry programme. Total private and public funding for this round ranges from $1m to $28m – for AI to integrate solar power into the electricity grid. The team for this project comes from a range of public and private investors, with CSIRO, UNSW and UTS involved.

Overall, 18 universities and research agencies (CSIRO, Walter and Eliza Hall) get guernseys. UNSW and CSIRO are members of three projects, Deakin and La Trobe universities are in two each.

Other CMM’s faves in the new round are:

* a privacy platform for education data analytics, (Navitas, CSIRO, Uni SA, plus commercial partners)

* hybrid batteries using “priority” Australian minerals (Deakin U and partners)

* nitrogen recovery from livestock for fertiliser (Uni Melbourne and partners)

* next gen antibiotics (La Trobe U and partners)

* quantum data protection for internet of things use (UNSW and partners)


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