UNE management makes a down-payment on change

The University of New England announces a 1.5 per cent administrative pay rise for all staff. The increase is to compensate them for a delay in a new negotiated enterprise agreement, while management runs staff consultations on a 2025 strategic plan.

The university is also expected to want changes from the existing arrangement, which whimsical IR observers compare to the Polish parliament in the 18th century, which required unanimous decisions. Back in April the Fair Work Commission ruled the university could not introduce a new faculty workload model without staff voting to approve it, (CMM April 3).

Provost Todd Walker says staff deserve a pay rise irrespective of enterprise bargaining but, “our ability to shape the UNE 2025 vision and grow the university, is linked to having modern and fair EBA.”

That management is signalling its per annum pay maximum should not cause campus concern – it is in-line with deals already done. But the campus branch of the NTEU may not be pleased with references to a “modern and fair EBA” which could well be code for management hoping to simplify conditions and protections the existing agreement sets out in detail.


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